Sunday, January 20, 2008

Two completely different movies

John was working yesterday so I had the kind of quiet Saturday that I used to have when I lived in New York. I had a lazy morning, then walked into town (in my new and v. waterproof jacket), where I went to the library, Blockbuster, and then had a very tasty jacket potato for lunch.

We got to Blockbuster quite a bit - one of the employees has very similar taste in movies to John, and so is always recommending things. I got Hairspray, which I hadn't seen - I LOVED it. The music was fantastic and the story was cute. My parents saw it on Broadway ages ago, but somehow I missed it. I may have to watch it again before taking it back to the store.

Then when John got home, we watched Shoot Em Up. This was the one that Blockbuster Girl had recommended - she said that it was a very stylized and funny action movie. I wasn't so sure, and was thisclose to not even watching the movie after the previews on the DVD were all either really stupid action flicks or sophomoric comedies. The basic premise of the movie is that the hero finds a baby and needs to protect it. I usually can't tolerate violence in movies at all, but this was just so completely over-the-top that it was fine. It was filled with lots of in-jokes and Bugs Bunny references, and John and I really liked it. Not one to watch with James around, but a thumbs-up anyway.

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