Thursday, December 15, 2005

Amelia Bedelia Makes a Wreath

Helped out with the wreath making was quite a group.

I'm not an expert, but having heard the instructions twice and made a wreath myself, I have a reasonable idea of what to do.

One of the steps involves putting small pieces of laurel onto the wreath. Sean, the Head Gardener, had told the group that they needed a series of leafy branches with about four inches of stem for each. As I went around, handing out the laurel, I reiterated the "four inches of stem" guidelines, while the ladies nodded. When I checked on them about five minutes later, I found an entire table of ladies who were very busily cutting the laurel stems into four inch sections and then meticulously pulling off the leaves. I inquired as to what they were doing, and they responded that they were making their four inch stems, as I had told them. I should have let them carry on...the stems would have looked really funny on a wreath.

Amelia Bedelia, eat your heart out.

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