Saturday, December 31, 2005

Non-book Book Group

Spent the afternoon in the city today- I took the train in with Liz and then meandered uptown, trying to do some clothes shopping for John. The stores were completely muzzled- I have no idea why everyone decided that today was the day to mob Eddie Bauer and Banana Republic and the Gap. I got a green sweater for John (I like the color but I have a feeling he might hate it). My life is so exciting.

Went to Book Group after all my shopping...we've decided that it's much more fun to sit around and chat with each other, and have abandoned the Book part of the Group. We still read, on our own, but haven't been motivated to find new books to read in addition to coordinating four New York and transatlantic schedules. Any suggestions for book group books are apprecitated, but there are no promises that we'll read them....

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Anonymous said...

Your commment 'my life is so exciting' prompts me to highlight just how *exhilerating* mine is - spent the whole of today in my mismatched socks and uncoordinated PJ'S sniffling and sneezing. (*Atchoo* - 'scuse me, fortunately only my second cold of the year) inbetween surfing the sea of homogenous profiles on jdate from time to time. NB The majority of uninspiring profiles are enough to make one choose drowning over staying afloat. Still can't complain, have had a very pleasant week off work. Hope everyone else has a Happy New Year!! M