Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Pick John Out Of A Lineup

Chatting with John last night about the execution of Tookie, and he was taking about the position in the UK on the death penalty and crime in general. He said, "All but the most serious crimes in the UK have a time limits, where it gets to a point when you no longer have anything on your record and you don't have to declare that you ever committed a crime. At least that's what the officers told me."

"What officers??"

"The officers I met when I was in the ID-lineup."

"What ID-lineups??"

"The ID-lineups that I did when I was in college."


Apparently, when John was in college, he participated in police lineups to earn his beer money. At that point, the scars on his face were pretty new, and when coupled with his long hair (it was the 80s, remember), he fit the vague description of a lot of criminals. Into the lineups he went. While standing in a line with a hardened criminal is not my idea of a nice afternoon activity, the £15 was sufficient motivation for our John.

And now he knows about time limits on crimes. Oh joy.

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