Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Fairy Lights

John was down in London today- he woke up at 5:15 to take a 6:30 train and be there by 8. Needless to say, I didn't get up and have breakfast with him. I love him, but not that much. :) I was going to experiment with a curry tonight but I think I'll make something safer...maybe sausages and mash with green beans. He should be home by 7:30- it's about an hour and a half on the train, which makes for a really long day.

He picked up our Christmas cards during his we get to write them! My mom designs her own card every year- I'm always impressed at how good they turn out (and then less so when I need to spend hours coloring in green wreaths and red berries).

I was going to buy some "fairy lights" (Christmas lights) for the flat, to go with my oh-so-festive Ickworth wreath, but they're SO expensive over here!! The sets I saw were £15 (about $25) for a little strand of 100 lights that I would pay about $5 for in Duane Reade. I think I need to decide exactly HOW Christmasy I feel this year. We have the wreath and some poinsiettas from Freda and Travis, and I'll be in New Ro on the 21st to get the full effect of the Hughes Christmas tree madness. My friend's mom (who I love dearly and so shall remain nameless) themes their tree every year, with either colors or types of ornaments. It always looks fabulous. My family's theme every year is "Put Every Single Ornament That We Own On The Tree," with accompaniment from the scratchy old Sesame Street Christmas record. Doesn't get any better, really.

John's friend Pete has installed Tiger on my Mac...I've gotten sort of addicted to the Sudoku widget. I should get out more. :)

Working at the Trust tomorrow and Friday, and then James all weekend. Crazyness!

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