Monday, December 19, 2005

Through the Wardrobe into New York

Gearing up to come back to NY- I'll be home (and zonked) on Wednesday night.

Had a fantastic day with John on Saturday. We had gone to the Music Sales holiday party the night before in Bury, and taken a cab home. So Saturday morning we slept in (not too late, but it was the first day in AGES that neither of us had to get up early for something), hopped on a train to Bury, picked up the car, had a full English breakfast (YUM!!), finished the Christmas shopping, went to Starbucks, saw Narnia (AWESOME MOVIE!!!!), drove home, went back to Bury for dinner with John's friends Ian and Caroline, and crashed at their place around 1am. PHEW.

When we arrived, Caroline said to me, "Just so you know, we have some rats upstairs." As a New Yorker, I was envisioning the NYC variety. For those of you not familiar, New York rats are the size of cats. Needless to say, I was skeptical. But apparently these are "Fancy Rats" (their official name). They look more like big-ish mice (and are very cute and tame). Not New Yorky at all. Thankfully.

Narnia was really good- it was a fantastic adaptation of the book. It's such a good story and it made a great movie. Liam Neeson was the voice of Aslan, and the kids were substantially better actors than the Harry Potter lot. I liked it MUCH better than any of the HP movies- it's more on a level with Lord of the Rings. Go see it.

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C said...

Oh it's such a good movie, isn't it? I've seen it twice already... *blush*