Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Crackers

Merry Christmas (and Happy Hanukah)!

Had a great time singing carols at Frannie's last night...lots of neighbors were there and all the little kids who I babysat for are now walking, talking, and driving. I'm so old. At least none of them are getting married, yet. :)

Sang at church- it just wasn't the same without Judie at the organ. For the last few years, Christmas Eve featured a bunch of cobbled-together alumnae singing together on a few rehearsals. Judie (our music director who left this fall) would call everyone at the beginning of December, and then we'd all sing together for a few rehearsals. It was great to catch up with everyone and we always had lots of fun. This year, my mom ran into one of our church friends who sometimes sings with the alumnae (and is also in the regular choir), who asked if I could sing on Christmas Eve. Off I went, expecting the girls, and was v. disappointed to find that it was the normal Sunday choir. And a pared down Sunday choir, at that, as a result of a huge split over the minister at the church. Most people have left the church completely, and the remaining members are split over whether he should stay or go. NOT good. The service was only about 2/3 full (it's normally packed), which was really depressing.

Christmas itself was really good- we went to my aunt's for lunch. We had latkes with our roast and beans and salad, since tonight is the first night of Hanukah and my uncle is Jewish. I LOVE latkes...they're almost worth converting for. John, brace yourself.

Speaking of cooking, my parents also gave me two cookbooks: one by Rachel Ray and one by Paula Deen. YUUUM, as Paula would say. I'll get my Food Network fix in Stowmarket after all.

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Anonymous said...

Potato latkas - Yum! Lucky you! Truly delectable. I too went to my Aunts for her 'traditional' lunch. A melange of vegetable lasagne, egg fried rice with a tomato, onion, & bean mix, potatoes and chicken (instead of turkey). Followed by a several hour sitting of demolishing any chocolate within a two food radius. Am so stuffed still I may well implode soon (as opposed to explode, as apart from being potentially messy, would be rather rude while we have family from abroad staying with us). Burp! 'Scuse me. And on that melodic note....Happy holidays to you too! M