Monday, December 5, 2005

No garden? No problem!

The newest addition to the flat?

A garden railway.

John and I went to Birmingham yesterday for the National Model Railway show (yes, we're geeks), and had a fantastic time looking at all the trains and scenery and steam engines. We ended up falling in love with a little garden railway set, which has trains that are about 8 inches high. Our set came with a steam engine (sound included!), 2 cars, 4 little people, and a reasonable amount of track. So now we have a loop of track that goes around one of the chairs in the living room and then a siding that goes out into the hallway for about 10 feet. It's completely taken over the apartment.

I talked to my parents last night and told them all about the show and the train set- I think they both wanted to fly over to the UK and take my temperature. My dad has been a train geek since he was little, and we've always had trains around the house. It's always been HIS thing, though, which I think is part of the reason that we got such big trains. If we want to run HO stuff, we can go to New Ro and go crazy with it.

And the next step?

Buy a house with a garden. And build more trains.

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