Monday, December 26, 2005

Heraclitus the Cat

Heraclitus the kitten has adopted Freda and Travis. Yes, it's generally the people that adopt the cat, but this particular cat seems to be running the show.

On Saturday, when I talked to John, he mentioned that his parents had been feeding a stray kitten who turned up at their back door. Travis assured me that the kitten would be taken to the animal shelter next week and under NO circumstances would the kitten be coming into the house. John said that his parents had taken quite a liking to the kitten, feeding it cat food and milk (and some smoked salmon). When I talked to them last night, they said that they were quite worried about a fox that they've seen in the yard, since the kitten is only about 3 months old and not up to defending itself. So they brought a whole bunch of blankets out to the garage and locked the kitten in for the night so he would be safe from the fox.

Then on Sunday morning they brought him in for Christmas breakfast (more salmon), named him Heraclitus, and gave him full run of the house. And then discovered that he is a girl. Oh well. They can call her Herry or something and pretend it's short for Harriet.

Sunday night, the kitten spent the night IN the house, curled up in what was previously my chair.

Something tells she's here to stay. ::sneeze::


Anonymous said...

The kitten has officially taken over the house. We're all sitting in the garage warming ourselves around a small stove whilst kitty's raiding the liquor cabinet.

C said...

KITTY!!! Too bad about the sneezing, of course, but... kitty!