Thursday, December 29, 2005

Seascape and Manhattanscape

Went to see Francis Sternhagen's new play with my great-aunt Ruthie today. It was one of the weirder ones that I've seen. Basically, there is an older couple on a beach, talking about their life together and what they're going to do, and then a pair of lizards show up and start talking to them. V. strange. It was pretty good, but very bizarre. We were going to go see Frannie after the show (she lives down the street from my parents and we've known her forever), but she was too tired. Sad. I can't imagine doing 8 shows a week (two on Wednesday and Sunday). I don't blame her for wanting to take a nap.

Had a bunch of people over last night for my dad's 60th birthday- it was great fun! Various neighbors, some miscellaneous family, and some of my parents' friends. It was originally going to be a Dad birthday/John birthday (same day)/Kate and John engagement party, but without John here it was scaled down to just a Dad birthday party. Still lots of fun, though.

I was walking through the city today on the way to the play and remembered how much I love New York (and hate tourists). The guy standing outside the Chinese restaurant on 45th street hollering, "We have 200 chairs!! Come inside and see!!" cracked me up. No mention of the food...the chairs seemed to be the selling point.

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Emily Hannah! said...

45th street? I'll totally have to go check that out-I've never seen 200 chairs before!