Monday, January 9, 2006

I love New York

Had a great weekend in NYC- I'd forgotten (sort of) how much I love it.

I've been noodling around New Ro and Westchester for the last few weeks, which has been really nice, but only in the last week has everyone come back from their holidays home with their families and stuff. So all of a sudden my life has kicked into high gear.

Last night, Book Group and I went out for drinks with Dan and Robin and Patrick and two of Patrick's friends. We went to this random bar on 36th between Madison and 5th, called Under the Volcano. We spent the whole evening chatting and really having a good time. Ran for the 11:10 train (aah, the joys of being a bridge-and-tunnel), and then was back in this morning for church at Redeemer. If you're ever in the city, definitely check it out. It was fantastic to see all of my churchy peeps and catch up with what they've all been doing. It's such a great group- people come and go but there's always a core group who are so welcoming and just refreshing to be around.

I miss John and I'm excited to see him again, but if the whole county of Suffolk could just pick up and relocate itself somewhere just outside of Manhattan (maybe we could replace Staten Island?), that would be a major improvement.

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