Saturday, January 21, 2006

Think LEFT!

Had a glorious day in Suffolk. The weather was perfect, and we just had a really fun day. I drove (YAY!!!) to Tesco's, braved the soccer moms, got our groceries, came home, cleaned the flat and cooked soup for lunch. BTW, the Covent Garden Soup Company's cookbook is fantastic...every single soup we've made has been outstanding.

Anyway, once the soup was done, we picked up Michelle at the train station. Came back here and had lunch, and very quickly abandoned the original plan, which had been to go to the movies to see Brokeback Mountain. It was just too beautiful out.

We decided instead to take advantage of my employee card and go for a walk in the grounds at Ickworth. We went on a two-mile ramble, which was slightly muddy but really fun. Coming down a hill, we heard a funny horn noise in the distance, along with what sounded like a very large squeaky wheel. Turns out it was a fox hunt, and the squeaky noise was the barking of the hounds at a distance. We saw the riders in their fancy red coats galloping across the was like we were suddenly thrown into the hunting scene in Mary Poppins.

Aah....Jolly Old England.


Anonymous said...

Yes! It was a totally beautiful day to walk around National Trust area, thanks to Kate's special pass. The sun was shining, the air was deliciously crisp - an invigorating walk well worth abandoning the cinema for.

Kate, your soup was truly scrumptious (as were all your meals)! I'm inspired to buy the Covent Garden soup book.

I should explain to everyone how thoroughly spoilt a guest I was. All I did was luxuriate on the couch, eat, read and chat while Kate did all the cooking, and John did all the washing up. I wasn't allowed to do anything! All I can say is thank you both for your hospitality and relaxing company! (ps Kate is a great little driver. A natural. Didn't nearly die even once) :-)

C said...

I went walking through a farm near my house a few months ago and stumbled on a fox hunt. People on horses in red jackets, loads of squirming beagles, the whole deal. One of those lovely moments when New England harkens back to its roots.

Do they really hunt a real fox though? It seems awfully cruel.