Wednesday, January 11, 2006

New York Roundup

I'm headed back to the UK's been kind of strange to be home. I've had a blast hanging out with my friends and my family, and it's been SO good to have some independence back.

The things I'm going to miss most:
my independence (anyone up for an evening out in Stowmarket??)
my church and fellowship group
my friends and family
Rrufus (he's been sleeping in my bed every night...he's such a bed hog, but doesn't steal the covers like a certain other person I know)

I knew this was going to be tough when I went into it, but I was expecting to meet more people than I have. I guess my comparisons are with starting at Colby (450 freshmen who don't know each other and are looking for buddies) and moving to NYC (some friends already in place, with a job and a church group where I met lots of people).

Once you meet them, Brits are nice. But they make it damn hard to meet them.

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Dad. said...

Katie, just got your phone call that your plane from JFK to London is pushing back and leaving on time. It was wonderful to see you over these just passed holidays, and just know we love you.