Thursday, January 5, 2006

Brit Snit

Good news and bad news.

The good news?

I saved $500.

The bad news?

The reason I saved $500 was because my UK fiance visa application was turned down before it was even submitted (thus saving the $500 application fee).

It's pretty much my fault- I wasn't clear on the fact that John and I have to get married in the UK within six months of obtaining the visa for it to be valid. So I wasn't and we're not and I'm back to being a somewhat under-the-radar visitor.

This time, though, John and I are going to make sure that we rearrange some stuff so I can drive, which will be a major improvement.

The guy at the consulate was really obnoxious, though...I definitely didn't deserve the treatment I got. Harumph.

Oh yeah, and you should all check out Evan's new blog- he's going on an extended business trip to Central America. I've put the link over on the side with the other ones. Bon voyage, Monsieur Curfew!!

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