Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The other BBC

Had my second Bury Bach Choir rehearsal today, along with my audition...woohoo! I've tried some other choirs since I arrived, but this one feels like the best fit. The conductor is great (if a little Hallstromesque), and we sound pretty good. AND there are some Americans. Hooray! One of whom lives in Horringer (where Ickworth is) and wants to meet up for lunch. Sounds good to me. Oh yeah, and if you're under 25, membership is free. What more could I want (except possibly to postpone my birthday for a few months...)?

Have been home yesterday and today with John...he threw his back out on Monday afternoon so I've been feeding him soup and Tylenol. He's feeling a lot better this evening, so we'll both be at work tomorrow.

The D&D boys brought wine and cheese over on Monday night, which was really sweet...apparently they'd been reading the blog and my comments about D&D turning in to Book Group, where all we do is drink wine and eat noshes and talk. We're definitely moving in that direction. :) Still some gaming, though.

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