Friday, January 13, 2006

Stowmarkate Returns

Against all attempts by Immigration to thwart me, I'm BAAACK. Got in yesterday at about 11am, blazed through customs, found John, got mildly lost on the highway and ended up in Reading, turned around, had Little Chef (YUM!), and got home. I showered, napped, had dinner, and went to bed.

Went in to work this morning, as I'd decided that spending my first day back home all by myself in the flat would probably NOT be a good idea. So I fought the jet lag and woke up at 7am (2 am NYC time) and toodled in to Ickworth. My colleagues were impressed that I could string together a sentence, and gave me a design project to get started on. Apparently my creative juices were not hampered by the jet lag, so all was good.

We have James for the weekend, so it looks like we'll head to Aldeburgh tomorrow to fly some kites and eat fish & chips. He discovered my iDog, a Christmas present from my brother, and within about 20 seconds had figured the whole thing out and was telling me what "mood" it was in. The same thing took me about 20 minutes to figure out. Kids today. Sheesh.

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Dad said...

Well, you took the warm weather back with you to Stowmarket. We had fog and rain last night, and the temperature right now is 55F, but it will be 27F by midnight tonight. Sunday is snow, not too much, and Monday it will be in the mid-teens. So, winter is coming back after the nice interlude while you were here. Edward had to work today, and Rrufus didn't like the thunderstorms last night. Rrufus needs a walk now that the rain has stopped, he misses you, as do we! Love,