Friday, January 20, 2006

Watch Out Suffolk, Here I Come!

For those of you who don't scrutinize my every move (lots of people, I know), I've added a new link to the site. A few, actually. My current fave: Evan's blog. He's down in San Salvador for work, and he's a great writer. And one of my oldest friends. Anyway, read the's really interesting.

My other new link is to the famous Bury Role Playing Society (BuRPS). Phew. We're out of the closet. John plays D&D. And I play too.

Now that you've stopped laughing, it's not actually all that bad. NO, it's not what I imagined myself doing a year ago. The way we play, it's basically like a cross between a board game and a movie without a board or a movie. It's fun. Last week was highly entertaining...John and Mark started making random noises, which somehow set us off on a half-hour of the kind of laughing that makes your stomach hurt.

It also seems that I've had somewhat of an influence on the boys, for better or for worse. My first session, at Chris' place, there was very little socializing, lots of gaming, and the consumption of a staggering amount of green soda and greasy potato chips. Over the last 3 months, we've moved the session to John and my flat (known as Kate's Place), the socializing takes a FULL hour at the beginning of the evening, and the snacking has reached new heights. An example: last week, Chris brought Walker's Sensations potato chips, Thai Basil & Curry flavor. Indeed. My prediction: gaming will go the way of reading the books in book club and within a year we'll find ourselves drinking wine and eating cheese and gossipping.

In other news, John and I have decided to start registering, and we were talking about where and the logistics of things and what plates to get. I think he's the most faboulous person I know, but I'm not a huge fan of his taste in china. Also, trying to order things online from the States while in England is more difficult than I thought. I gathered up a whole bunch of catalogs before I left, but now I can't find them. I'm POSITIVE I packed them...I just have no idea where they went. We have to order any electric things here, but we don't want to register everything here, mostly because things are SO much more expensive here than in the US. It's the combination of the high cost of living here coupled with a relatively weak dollar. We'll figure it out.

AND, the big news, John and I figured out the car insurance thing (mostly John), and our new insurance kicks in at midnight tonight. Whoop-de-doo, you say? This new insurance means that I CAN DRIVE!! I can get in the car and go to the supermarket or the grocery store or my office or John's office or the movie theatre or John's parents' house or Peterborough or wherever I want to go. YAY!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!

Phew. Oh, and I'm also excited because our friend Michelle is coming up for the weekend from London- yay! More on that later.

OK, go read Evan's blog now.

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C said...

Ha, Kate gaming! Terribly amusing thought. But not shocking to me, as I have many gamer friends. However, I wouldn't be so sure the gaming will go the way of the books in book club. Reading is something you can always do on your own if you like it, but gaming requires other people... and is found by some (or so what I hear) to be quite addictive.