Sunday, January 22, 2006

Where shall I drive to next?

Yesterday: the grocery store, the station, Ickworth, into Bury, back home.

Today: the station

Tomorrow: the world!

Have I mentioned that our insurance has been sorted out and I can DRIVE?? It's so funny...I feel 16 again. I was one of those people who counted the minutes to my 16th birthday from the moment I realized I would be able to drive one day. And then once I could drive, I went everywhere.

I was talking to Tim, my neighbor in New Ro, who had just turned 16, and he was saying that he loved driving so much, he'd go to McDonalds for a milkshake even if he wasn't hungry. And not the McDonalds that's a quarter-mile from his house, either. Noooo....the one in Mamaroneck, which is a SOLID 15 minutes away. Teehee.

Tomorrow, I get to drive John to work, carry on to Ickworth, come back in to Bury for lunch (it's Sandy's birthday), go back to Ickworth, come back in to Bury to go to the grocery store and pick up John, and then home again.

I've had a few glares from people on roundabouts (they're HARD...all that shifting and turning and blinking and making sure you don't get hit), but other than that, things seem to be going well.

I promise, the excitement will wear off soon and I'll stop writing about every little car trip. Until then, keep reading Evan's blog. :)


Anonymous said...

Ahh, the glories of driving. Yes, I remember my driving test. You, me, Mo, and Ellen all passeed our driving tests the same week -- first week in January 1998.

Enjoy driving and let's hope you won't need that insurance!


LizMc said...

I can't believe Evan didn't even give a shout out to his driver's ed car in discussing driving tests :)

And I passed January 13th, 1998, and remember driving to NRHS for a Herald meeting as my first trip in the car alone. Very exciting.

Anyway, Kate, it's McDonald's, not MacDonald's, though I know the Brits truly pronounce the Mac in it.

Good luck with the roundabouts... be glad you're living in England and not New Jersey, the other official home of the roundabouts!

StowmarKate said...


The second place I ever drove (after driving home from the DMV) with my learner's permit was to your house. Awwww.

And Liz, I've fixed it- thanks! I'm such a dork. Next thing you know I'll be apologising and changing the colours. :)


LizMc said...


or eat some yoghurt, perhaps, from sainsbury or tesco? glad you're organising yourself, anyway :)

i think i only care because of how often people misspell my last name (mac not mc, though pronounced mac).

we miss you!