Thursday, January 26, 2006


Had Mark over for dinner tonight...we were supposed to have Paula (his gf) as well but she was working late. I made a stew from the famous Covent Garden book again...this time it was with lamb and mint and cinnamon and turmeric and chili powder and chickpeas and was REALLY good.

And then we played Harry Potter Uno for 2 hours. Basically the same as regular Uno except that there are Howlers (where you can demand to see another player's hand) and the Invisibility Cloak (which protects you from icky things like Draw Fours). Rockin'.

Mark won most of the games (5), but then I won 2 and John won the last one. I tend to get a little overexcited when playing card games or board one game, John had put down his last card but had forgotten to call "UNO!", so rather than let him win and congratulate him, I LEAPT out of my chair yelling "YOU DIDN'T SAY UNO!!! YOU DIDN'T SAY IT!!!! YOU DON'T WIN!!!!" And then Mark and I made him pick up 10 cards as a penalty and we carried on playing.

I need pills.

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