Sunday, March 19, 2006

Bury Bach Choir review

Bury Bach Choir concert was last went really well. It was FREEZING in the Cathedral, though. (Mom, Dad and Edward: remember those December concerts at Kirkstone House? Like that.)

Sandra (my Horringer Mom) invited John and me back to her house after the concert for a glass of champagne, which was really fun. She and her husband, Tibor, are both in the choir and are American. Everyone in the choir has been SO friendly- Enid (who has the EXACT same accent as Wallace (of Wallace and Gromit) has appointed herself my Choir Mom. Apparently Sandra, Enid, and a whole bunch of other people were v. concerned when I didn't show up for 2 weeks (I was in NY, and had told the attendance-taker). I've made sure to tell ALL of them that I'm not going to be there for the next two weeks (going to NYC again for the wedding shower and other stuff). Feelin' the love.

The concert was really fun, though. The choir was mostly together and singing in a cathedral is like singing in a just sound way better than normal.

Off to London on Tuesday evening and then to NYC on Wednesday...woohoo!!


Anonymous said...

Hooray for Katie in the Choir!
(We knew she had to convert someday!)

Looking forward to showering you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate! Mercury stops creating havoc (goes direct) this weekend 25th. Thank God. About time. Our home pc also committed suicide last Thurs. As did my aunt's sisters. Have lost everything too. After several days of withdrawal symptoms got back online late last night; after several experts concluded a hard drive error and the need to start from scratch. So deleted tout. Dramatic pc crash diet. Fingers crossed won't die again, as told possible.

Have a great wedding shower and week in NY! Lovely pic of you and John! Such a shame you've lost your photos. Yes, save everything from now on, on those special harddrive boxes can buy. We're certainly going to.

Take care, M xx