Friday, March 31, 2006

Magic Suitcase

Arrived in London this afternoon after a v. crowded trip home. I was on the 11:30pm flight from JFK to LHR, but the 7:30 was 2 hours late and they'd cancelled the 9:30. The spillover made OUR plane full, but miraculously, we left on time. There were huge lines to check in at JFK and to get through Immigration in London, but everything else was really smooth.

My dad managed to get two bridal showers' worth of stuff into my suitcase, which weighed 85 pounds when he was done with it. I felt like Mary Poppins in our flat- John couldn't believe the amount of stuff. Our kitchen is fairly bursting at the seams...we can't wait to get cooking!

Going to have a quiet weekend with John- it's his parents' 50th anniversary this week, so we're going to have them over for dinner. In 50 years, I will be 74 and John will be 87. Teehee.

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