Sunday, March 12, 2006


When I was home a few weeks ago, I emailed my friend from Lochearn, Leanne, who I'd remembered lived somewhere in England. When I emailed her, she wrote right back, and it turned out that she lives in Felixtowe (about half an hour from Stowmarket). I hadn't seen her since I visited London from France in the fall of 2001, and we'd completely lost touch.

Both v. excited that the other one was so close by, we made plans for her to come over today. John and James and I made lunch (James chopped the leeks), and we all hung out for the afternoon and went for a walk around Stowmarket on the "Historic Town Trail," which was dreamed up by some marketing guru in a fit of enthusiasm. It's really funny...they send you on random jaunts past the traffic cone-filled river and vacant lots...but we enjoyed ourselves (and modified the trail so we ended up at the park, which was fab).

It was SO good to see her, and I was really glad that she and John and James all hit it off. Granted, they're pretty easygoing guys.

Leanne takes fantastic pictures and I'm trying to convince her to start a photo blog. I'll check with her and see if she minds if I post the link to her pictures on here...more updates soon!

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Emily Hannah! said...

When are you going to be home?!?!? Can't wait to see youuuuu