Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Very weddingy few days

The second shower was as much fun as the first, although COMPLETELY different. Ginny (the host) asked all the neighborhood ladies to write their advice for a long and happy marriage on a card, and then I read them all aloud and guessed whose was whose. There was definitely a common theme: that John and I should spend most of our time laughing and that we should have our own friends and interests. I think that's do-able. :)

Spent today doing errands and hanging with Emily and Sean, who brought us Fribbles while we were sitting on Em's stoop. It was fab.

Then I zipped home to meet Mom...the photographer for the wedding was coming over to case the joint. She's highly recommended by one of my mom's colleagues, and she seems to have a great sense of composition and an ability to capture emotion. She's also 24 and graduated from Boston College in '03, so of course we know a zillion people in common. Aah...the small world of New England Liberal Arts Grads.

Tomorrow: in to the city to get some more wedding stuff...my mom wants a big white bow for the car (for when my brother drives the newly married Herds from the church to the Shore Club). Any suggestions for where to procure such a thing would be appreciated.

For those of you who follow this sort of thing, the UK (and Europe) had their daylight savings time LAST weekend, and the US changes THIS weekend. So we are in that one fantastic week of the year when the UK is 6 hours ahead of NY, instead of 5. They've managed to agree that the last Sunday in October is good for both sides of the Atlantic...why the March/April discrepancy, I don't know. The last time I was in Europe for 'spring forward,' it was on our high school French trip and we were an hour late all day and had no clue why. Oops. Anyway, I'm exhausted today and blaming it on the fact that my body has subconsciously sprung forward with the Brits. Either that, or my 8:30am dermatologist appt after a completely zany weekend. I'm going with the subconscious springing.

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Anonymous said...

Don't blame me -- I was responsible for the curfew, and nothing else (le curfew, c'est moi)!

Don't worry, next year the times are changing again -- Spring forward is moving to early March and Fall back is moving to November. I don't think we'll ever be aligned.

Besides, at least you DO move. Central America has no daylight saving time, so I'll be 2-hours behind the east coast for the rest of my time here.