Monday, March 20, 2006

Mercury Retrograde Is Not My Friend

My computer is back from Brew and Fiona's house, and is not a happy camper. We're going to have one more shot at salvaging some data, but it looks like it's mostly gone. According to Michelle, Mercury (the planet) is in retrograde at the moment and it's F*$%ing up communications around the globe. I was sending my mom a message on Gmail the other day and Google's servers crashed and lost the email. Yes, you heard me...Google's servers crashed. Lucky me. The picture posted is one of the few of John and me that I had saved somewhere else (this one was on Friendster).

If you're reading this and your pictures/docs/whatever else are not backed up, stop reading and go do it. Come back when you're done. I have no idea how much longer before Mercury sorts itself out and goes in the right direction again, but I'm not taking any chances.

I was chatting with Tibor (Sandra's husband) after the concert, and it turns out that he's in a group of people who play badminton on Friday nights in Bury. As some of you know, I was a die-hard member of Colby Badminton (really old old roomie Rob Painter's still on it and he graduated in '01). Looks like John's going to come along as well. YEE HAW!!!

Gearing up for a week-long NY trip...going down to London tomorrow and then flying out on Wednesday. If you're in NY, call me (on my normal US cell phone).

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kate! Our home pc also collapsed dramatically a week ago. So was computerless for nearly a week. Had severe withdrawal symptoms. Sad but true. Back up and running now fortunately, only resurrected after deleting *everything*. Several experts said harddrive fault and this was the only way after nothing else worked. My Aunt's sis had similar problem also, post boy Pete today told me he'd lost over 3,000 songs on pc. So typical of Merc R. Thank God turns direct this Sunday. Not back til July. Phew!
Sorry to hear you've lost all your pics. Really a shame. (Like the pic of you and John).
Hope you have a wonderful wedding shower and week in NY! Take care, M xx ps you won't believe it but i sent a similar message to this post, a few days ago, but it's disappeared so dunno if you got, hence resending now.