Thursday, March 23, 2006

Crispy Shrimpy and Blindfolds

Back in New Ro for a few days for wedding showers and stuff.

We've been doing lots of wedding-related errands, like trying to get fabric samples from my dress ("But it's just IVORY...just tell the florist it's ivory and she'll be fine," according to the store....that's like saying it's BLUE). And who knew that you didn't need to have a blood test to get a marriage license? Apparently all we need is proof of ID and proof that we're both over 16. I think we can manage that. And there's only a 24 hour waiting period, so we'll be fine taking care of it when John and I are both here in May.

Had the first shower at Liz's house yesterday- it was SO much fun. It was great to see everyone and Liz and Andrea and Lizzie had put together lots of games and great food. There was a word scramble about "my life" which was REALLY cousin Katie left us all trailing in the dust. Try unscrambling "Stowmarket" or "Larchmont". And Kim cleaned up at Bridal Shower Bingo- everyone had to guess which presents I was going to open and put them on a bingo card...the amount of cheering I got when I opened the dishtowels was somewhat more than you would expect (although they are very nice dishtowels...) Got some relatively racy lingerie and some other 'entertainment' from Church Susan ("What kind of church is this?" asked Mom), which led to a marathon blushing session on my part and lots of giggles from the assembled audience. Can't have a bridal shower without a blindfold and some dirty dice, I say.

Julia came down from Boston for the weekend to come to the shower(yay!!), and so she and Andrea and I went to Yama, which Andrea discovered (and can quote the addresses of all 3 restaurants in the chain). We introduced Julia to the joys of Crispy Shrimpy with spicy sauce- it's a roll with tuna and tempura flakes on the inside, roe on the outside, and shrimp on the top. The spicy sauce is a kind of spicy mayo which only makes the Crispy Shrimpy more awesome.

Another shower today (neighbors, this time) and then back to more errands and city trips before I head home on Thursday.

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