Thursday, March 9, 2006

Sad Powerbook

Blogging from work because my mac is v. sad and won't turn on. John and Pete (who both work with computers, and Pete with Macs) have tried to make it go, but it just sits there and gurgles. We tried to run a diagnostic test on it, which it decided it didn't like and told us it was having a "kernel panic." It sounds crap and is apparently worse than it sounds.

I'm annoyed at myself because I haven't backed it up (pictures, documents, etc.) and annoyed at Apple because it was a REALLY expensive computer and it's only about 18 months old. Not ok, guys. And I've been v. nice to it, so there's really no reason for it to freak out.


UPDATE: My colleague's fiance has offered to fix it so I'm bringing it to work tomorrow. John got it to boot to an initial screen and ran a disk check, at which point it told him that the hard disk had failed. And in RED text, to make it more alarming.

Hopefully Brew can rescue at least some of the data before I have to buy a new hard disk and throw the old one in the river.


Emily Hannah! said...

Oh no!!! Our twin computers!!! (Mine had what I think is essentially a computer stroke right before Israel and it was fixable. It wouldn't turn on. I have faith in yours.)

Miss you lots, lovie.

Anonymous said...

I blame mercury retrograde.

If no one can mend your pc, I recommend you try again at the end of march/beginning of April and miracles may happen.


Dad said...

Sorry to hear that, Katie. Hope the rescue is at least partly successful.....Love,

Nimajneb said...

Hello fellow Stowmarketeer!

My computer is also dying quite prematurely - maybe it's a Stow-thing (now, there's a conspiracy).